In Praise of Autumn Arugula and Radishes

After a summer garden of mixed lettuce greens, a week after Labor Day, I turned over my 6′ x 6′ bed of greens, raked it clear and literally hand cast Arugula (eruca salvia) and Radish seeds (which I had saved from Spring plants that had gone to seed) onto my sandy loam soil; raked in the seeds, tamped them down and watered them. Within  three weeks, I was thinning plants, and within four I was eating some of the best salads I ever had. This little bed produced steadily thru December 15th and I live in Michigan! I fought off early frosts with an insulated blanket (an old sleeping bag) and dry leaves. I had so much I was giving bags of arugula salad to my friends. By the end, when the snow began to cover my plants in late November, early December, the flavor of the surviving Arugula was “concentrated,” but still great mixed in with some store-bought greens. The salad I served with my Thanksgiving turkey was the hit of the meal and a surprise to all who shared it. I heartily recommend you try to duplicate this Autumn salad garden. And oh yes, the radishes were  solid as rocks and tasted fantastic. You can eat their greens as well.

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